UPDATED: Waterline and Road Plans for Adacroft Commons 2021
Residents have recently received a letter regarding the upcoming construction in our neighborhood. Below are links to the letters that the Ada Township has sent to residents:
In regards to the trees at the Adacroft Pond: the ACA Board is working on a way to save the three pine trees from the road construction work. Below are notes from Monday, April 12, 2021 meeting at the pond with Ada Township. Big thanks to Eric Piehl for providing notes:

COVID-19 Prevention Tips

Due to the current pandemic and recent increase of COVID in Michigan, we recommend residents the following information:

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About Us

Adacroft Commons is a great community, filled with wonderful people! Our location in Ada Township is quiet, convenient and gives residents easy access to a rich variety of recreational options for every age and interest.
Our community is within walking distance to K-12 Forest Hills Public Schools as well as the Ada Christian (K-8) school. The Forest Hills School District is widely recognized as one of the finest educational systems in the country.

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